How to Make Perfect Nerikiri Wagashi: "紫陽花  Ajisai (Hydrangea)"

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Nerikiri Wagashi: "紫陽花  Ajisai (Hydrangea)".

You can cook Nerikiri Wagashi: "紫陽花  Ajisai (Hydrangea)" using 7 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Nerikiri Wagashi: "紫陽花  Ajisai (Hydrangea)"

  1. Prepare 20 g of Shiro-an (White Kidney bean paste with sugar).
  2. Prepare 40 g of Nerikiri-dough.
  3. You need of Please refer to "Example: how to make a Dough for Nerikiri-Wagashi (with wheat flour)" or "Nerikiri-dough (with rice flour)".
  4. Prepare 0.5 of gAgare-powder.
  5. It’s 30 of gGranulated sugar.
  6. You need 50 of mlWater.
  7. You need of + Food colorings.

Nerikiri Wagashi: "紫陽花  Ajisai (Hydrangea)" instructions

  1. Ingredients for 2.
  2. Utenciles for making the shape.
  3. [Make colored Kanten (agar) for petals] ①Put the water into a pan. ②Add the agar. ③Mix them well. ④Heat it up on a medium flame to boiling.  ⑤Turn down the flame. Simmer it for 2min..
  4. Add the Granulated sugar. Mix them on medium flame. Turn off the flame when the sugar melt completely..
  5. ①Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on a flat place. ②Put the purple food coloring into a table spoon. ③Dissolve it with a little hot water. ④Mix them well..
  6. ①Add 1Tbsp of Kanten (agar) liquid which you made No4. ②Mix them well. ③Put the colored liquid on the sheet of plastic wrap. ④Do the same thing with the blue color. Leave it several minutes. *Kanten (agar) liquid becomes hard at room temperature, so please do No.5 & No.6 quickly!.
  7. ①Leave it several minutes then it gets hard. ②③Cut it into around 5㎜ square pieces. ④Separate them by color and keep them..
  8. [Colorize the Nerikiri dough for leaves] ①Knead the dough. ②Add a little water into a green coloring. ③Dissolve it in the water. ④Put it on the Nerikiri dough. ⑤Knead and mix them..
  9. [Make a Ajisai (Hydrangea) flower] Make the green dough round. Make 3 ditches form the bottom to the top. (Put 2 ditches with the opposite angle and divide one half into 2.) Pinch each leaf to make pointed ends of 3 leaves..
  10. Press & stretch each leaf to periphery side. Make a round dent in the center..
  11. Make 1 line on the center of the each leaf. Put several short lines on sides of them.
  12. Put the "shiro-an" in the center dent. Cover it with colored Kanten(agar) pieces..

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